Caribbean Athletes dominate the Olympic Track and field games. It was a big night for small islands at Olympic Stadium on Monday.

Athletes from the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Jamaica wrapped themselves in their flags or heard their national anthems echo over Olympic Park.

They imported warmth to chilly London with their smiles, their tears and their celebrations of home sweet home.

Kirani James is a teenager from Grenada, which is always described as “tiny Grenada.” But James proved he runs with a giant heart when he commanded the excruciating 400 meters from start to finish in a time of 43.94 seconds to win the first Olympic medal for Grenada, population 110,000. The “spice island” will be known for more than nutmeg thanks to James, who could be just the runner to break Michael Johnson’s world record.

“This is not just for me, this is for my whole country,” said James, the first non-American to break

44 seconds. “I am so excited. Everyone in Grenada will be proud. They will be having a street party, everyone getting merry.”

Usain Bolt and fellow team mate Fraser-Pryce, toke home gold at the games. Jamaica also celebrates its 50th Independence from England this month.

Much Success to them all!

Source: Miami Herald