Chris Brown Loses it about Rihanna

Chris Brown Loses it about Rihanna

“You’ll going to make me loose my mind, Up in Here! Up in Here!” …lol!

TMZ is reporting the shocking news that Chris Brown has lost his damn mind! AGAIN! In the above picture Chris looks “So Hood” (shout out  DJ Khalid) After a heated interview with GMA Robin Roberts, this morning on ABC, the following happen…


Red Carpet Shelley dishes…During the interview, Robin Roberts kept asking Chris Brown questions about ex-girlfriend Rihanna and the infamous beatdown she suffered at his hands. Chris was there to discuss his new album F.A.M.E. which dropped today but Robin kept grilling him on the whole Rihanna situation. Chris was visibly angry and looked like if he could he would have exploded on Robin. Well, he couldn’t explode on Robin but took it out on the set back stage.

This boy needs anger management – AGAIN! And, he needs some PR training (I hear that Charlie Sheen’s former PR is available!).   These Riri questions may plague him for the rest of his life so he is going to need to learn how to deal with this or he’s going to spend the rest of his life dealing with legal issues.  Like the one that’s probably about to jump off now.

Chris Brown better be careful because he is still on probation. He could end up in jail for this….story developing.   All this while Riri is doing just fine thank you very much.   Karma is a mutha……read more at

MADDNESS FACTOR: CHRIS== YOU NEED HELP ! START BY FIRING EVERYONE AROUND YOU! …QUICK..If you have to hire someone  but those people around you! NEEDS TO BE GONE! no help , muy problemo !

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  1. dude doesnt need anger management because clearly he managed the shit. I’ve heard of therapists suggesting these types of ways to release stress or anger. He did’nt go off on her ass and did’nt beat her ass. He was upset what you want him to do smile about it? You just said he was being “grilled”. What would you do if someone was continuously pushing you? I’d walk away but clearly for Chris that would’ve looked even worse. Anything he does is goning to be wrong regardless.

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