Go Heathly for the New Year

There are so many people planning on loosing weight for the new year. However, eating healthy is just the first step. Jessie Price, Deputy Food Editor for EatingWell Magazine and Cassidy Tawse-Garcia explains in detail, 15 healthy food tips , which can help you out this year.

One telling sign that a career in food was a good fit for me was that I’ve always loved grocery shopping. I can happily spend hours browsing the aisles just to see if I might discover something I haven’t noticed before. Lucky for me, I’m the food editor of EatingWell Magazine and I get to talk with our team of cooks in the Eating Well Test Kitchen about their daily supermarket shopping trips and the new things they’ve noticed during their trips up and down the aisles.

All that shopping and talking helped us come up with this list of trendy foods for 2012. Whether a food has become ubiquitous in the stores, something that’s generating media coverage or simply something that our readers and fans are buzzing about, each of the foods on our list of the top 15 trendy, healthy foods is having a moment.

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Agave-Derived from the same plant used to make tequila, agave syrup has generated lots of buzz recently. Also known as agave nectar, it has a deep, rich flavor that is slightly sweeter than honey. It’s touted for its low glycemic index (GI) value, meaning it won’t spike your blood sugar like high-GI table sugar. Plus, you can use about one-third less to achieve the same level of sweetness.

Artisan Multigrain Breads-It used to be that you had to seek out a local baker to get high-quality artisan breads. Now, chances are your local market is baking up specialty breads right in the store. Look for breads made with heart-healthy oats, whole-wheat flour, barley, millet and whole-grain rye. Make your own with these Healthy Homemade Bread Recipes.

Brussels Sprouts-Once considered cabbage’s “smelly” cousin, the Brussels sprout is gaining in popularity. The veggie is packed with 130% of your daily value of free-radical-fighting vitamin C per 1-cup serving (proof there was a reason your mother tortured you so many years ago). When cooked properly, this veggie tastes great! Eat more with these delicious Brussels sprout recipes for Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts & Sage and more.