Justin Bieber and Diggy

Justin Bieber and Diggy

Justin Bieber is making his rounds to all the media outlets and Award Shows.  Justin is becoming the next “Hanson” and “Jonas Brothers” when it comes to popularity with the young teenage audiences around the world. He is groomed under R&B singer Usher record label. This should be an interesting time in this young Canadian life, from award shows to concerts, he is making a mark on the music industry.

Video of Justin Bieber performance at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards!


Atlantian/Muscian/Actor Trey Best

Atlantian/Musician/Actor Trey Best

Justin Bieber is not the only one making the young ladies scream. Local artist and actor Trey Best made a memorable statement at the 2010 Atlanta Caribbean Princess and Junior Miss pageant. Trey performed “Baby”  a Justin Bieber hit single, and got the  entire audience to their feet dancing. Young and old was moving to the beat, he followed with his own hit  single “The World is Waiting”, which he serenaded the Junior Miss contestants! The world is  truly awaiting to see this young talent, on the forefront of international stardom. Performing at the event was Nia Armani,and Chloe and Halle, who dazzled the multicultural audience with their performances, empowering young women from all backgrounds . Indeed, the next big artists in music will come from the young generation.  (For more information about protecting your music go to| 404-897-1330)

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  1. who is justin biebers girl friend

  2. Darlene // July 2, 2010 at 10:59 am //

    Did Trey Best go to Hollydale Elementary School?

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