MTV officially announced on Thursday that it’s shooting Real World’s upcoming Season 27 in the capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas. The Real World: St. Thomas is currently slated to premiere this summer.

“Viewers of the show will get an opportunity not only to see the roommates settle into their new lives on St. Thomas,” the U.S. territory’s Tourism Commissioner Beverly Nicholson-Doty says.

“But also to follow their cultural experiences across the other islands that comprise the USVI – St. Croix, St. John and ‘the fourth Virgin’ – Water Island.”

“The US Virgin Islands — long a spring vacation spot for young people — has beautiful weather and a laidback Caribbean culture,” Real World’s Creator and Executive Producer and Chairman of Bunim/Murray Productions, Jonathan Murray, says in a statement to press. “[It’s] the perfect environment for this year’s seven strangers to get to know each other and figure out their lives.”

Seven new roommates will take residence in a house custom-decorated for them when production starts this month.

Since the series’ 1992 debut, MTV has brought it to other beach locales including Miami, Hawaii, Key West, and Cancun. The cast is taped at all times via both manned and automatic cameras in the residence.

Murray and Jim Johnston serve as Executive Producers for Bunim/Murray with MTV’s Jacquelyn French serving as the executive.

Source Hollywood Reporter